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Beads of Courage is a program for children that are coping with serious illness to         RECORD, TELL and OWN their recovery by collecting special beads that document their treatment journey. It all starts on their first day of recovery when they will receive a leather string with their name on it and a BOX to store their collection.

We artisans come into the picture by making the boxes.

How to make a box?:

Need to know basics.

Steve Fairbairn is kindly offering to GVWG mbrs. free laser engraving onto BOC boxes !

Detailed resource document!


Make a covered pipe box!

About Beads of Courage:


Beads Of Courage Canada

Inspiring Story

Johnny Reid singing & supporting BOC

Beads Of Courage USA


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Details on the pipe box!

To contribute boxes, please fill-in a donation form and give the box(es) and form to Brian Lunt, our BOC coordinator.