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Before operating a lathe,   please understand that when not operated correctly it can pose significant risks to your safety.   In conjunction with turning, often other potential dangerous situations arise. To this end, we highly recommend you consult the AAW SAFETY GUIDELINES.   In addition, the GVWG has produced or references other important safety related articles below.

Learn safe practices      –      learn the hazards      –      be rested and alert      –      make safety your priority.

Download and read
Short video on personal protection equipment
Please note that many online videos exhibit dangerous practices. They are not hard to distinguish. They exhibit unbalanced work pieces that cause the lathe to vibrate, they might have protuberances that can easily snag long sleeves or a hand, and often have inadequate face and lung protection. Have a look at the following videos and ask yourself: "Does this look safe?"
Snag hazard?
Out of control.


Safety beyond the lathe - your shop and in the yard.


Lathe Safety

Chainsaw safety

Air borne hazards

Wood toxicity

Stay healthy - dust collection for woodturners

Bill Pentz - The ultimate study in managing dust control

Busy Bee Tools

Oneida Air Systems


Fire & chemical hazards

Fire safety in the shop OR... Smokey the Bear meets Red Green

Fire safety for woodturners  

Spontaneous combustion


Shop Safety - Fatigue, Force, and Huh!?! - by Ron Hadar

DEMONSTRATING - members of the GVWG that demonstrate at Guild sponsored events need to be approved by the Guild.   The following is the process and criteria for a member to become approved.   The need for assessment is strictly one of safety - to operate a lathe in such a manner as to not endanger any spectators.   Please contact the President if you wish to apply.

Guild Member Safety Review / Evaluation

Certified Assessors

Checklist for public demonstration

Event Request Application

In addition, the woodturner may use other machines such as bandsaws and rotary carvers and many others. Please make sure you understand their intended use and limitations and adhere to all safety precautions including personal protective equipment.

“It’s certainly not good enough for you to do nothing!”


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