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Chapter 130 of
  • Anachronistic Fools Start Club
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Anachronistic Fools Start Club by Art Liestman

In the fall of 1998, Art Liestman, Don Hoskins, and John Bese began a conversation about forming a woodturning club in greater Vancouver. It was clear to them that the population of greater Vancouver was large enough to support a club focusing on woodturning. In addition to regular meetings, they felt that the new club should be aggressive in bringing in demonstrators from outside of the area and that it should be a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. Quickly, others were brought in to the discussion, including Sandy Dougal, Dave Armitage, Bruce Campbell, Ted Fromson, Steve Hansen, Marco Berera, Phil Laliberte and Dave Martin. An initial meeting to formally discuss forming the new entity was called for March 9, 1999. Don Hoskins found a meeting place for these planning sessions in Port Moody. At the first meeting, Art Liestman, Don Hoskins, John Bese, Dave Armitage, Sandy Dougal, Ted Fromson, and Dave Martin agreed to begin the work needed to form the new entity. Don and Sandy were dispatched to find a meeting location for the new club while Art was selected to draft a constitution and bylaws, drawing on the Provincial guidelines and on the AAW’s chapter requirements. Don and Sandy arranged for the new club to meet at Centennial Senior Secondary in Coquitlam in exchange for some maintenance to the lathes in the school’s wood shop. After they tuned up the lathes, one of the shop teachers expressed surprise that more than 4 people would be likely to attend club meetings and withdrew the offer to use the School's facilities. He also was insistent that nobody turned wood anymore since CNC machines did it all these days. It was clear that the shop teacher thought we were anachronistic fools. Don started the search anew. Some local community centres looked promising and wanted groups like ours to use their facilities, but they would only commit to space on a quarterly basis and we needed an annual home. Dave Armitage suggested the Legion Hall in Coquitlam. Don secured the hall for our regular monthly meetings. Unfortunately, we could not book the hall on Saturdays for the full-day demos that we planned to hold. Several other meetings were held in the next few months and in May, the assembled group adopted the constitution and bylaws and elected the first officers - Art Liestman (President), John Bese (Vice President), Don Hoskins (Treasurer), Dave Martin (Secretary), and Ted Fromson (Member at Large). The meeting attendees paid their dues to provide the Treasurer with some start up money. Art interacted with the AAW office and Board member Clay Foster who was in charge of new chapters. At the AAW Symposium in June 1999, the GVWG was formally admitted as the 130th chapter of the AAW and the third Canadian chapter. KMS Tools (in particular, Bob Gadd) was helpful in providing assistance such as working with Technatool to provide a good deal on a Nova 3000 lathe for the club and donating some accessories to go with it. The lathe and its stand (made by Bruce Campbell) were stored at Art Liestman's shop and brought in for every meeting. The guild’s first regular meeting was held in September 1999. Fifty-four people attended the first meeting and by the end of the night the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild had forty paid members. The club grew quickly during that first year. In April 2000, we were privileged to have Bonnie Klein as our first outside demonstrator. Bonnie did a full day demo on a Saturday and taught a hands-on class on Sunday at a meeting hall in Belcarra. Our second year began in September of 2000 and the guild continued to grow, straining the facilities at the Legion Hall. For our next outside demonstrators, we would need a different facility, preferably one that would accommodate a full-sized lathe. After some negotiations, we arranged to install 220 power into a room at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coqutilam so that we could bring in a big Oneway lathe for those demonstrations. Clay Foster was our second outside demonstrator in February 2001, followed quickly by Stuart Batty, Mark Salusbury, Jack de Vos, and Russ Fairfield in the next few months. During the summer of 2001, we arranged to move to Sapperton Pensioners Hall for our regular monthly meetings. Our first actual event at the new hall was a demo by Don Derry on Saturday, September 15th. That was a memorable event for all attendees as 9/11 was very fresh in our minds and bringing Don across the border seemed to be a big deal. Our first regular meeting at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall was held a couple of weeks later.



Keeping track of the professional demonstrators who have shared their talent with us in day long presentations and classes

Dec-'18 Joe Fleming Airbrushing
Sep-'18 Curt Theobald
June-'18 Laurent Niclot
May-'18 Steven Kennard
Apr-'18 Glenn Lucas
Feb-'18 Sally Ault Urchin and other boxes - gallery
Oct-'17 Neil Turner Carving flames and inspiration from nature
Apr-'17 Keith Gotschall
Feb-'17 Kristin LeVier 12 things I wish I'd learned when I started.
Feb-'17 Kathleen Duncan design, layout, piercing
Jan-'17 Michael Stave Turning madrone/arbutus, distorting, and painting
Nov-'16 Eric Lofstrom Biometrics,
Oct-'16 David MacDonald Clarinets!
Sep-'16 Michael Blankenship Turning Blind
May-'16 Kurt Hertzog
Feb-'16 Mike Hosaluk Creativity
Oct-'15 Betty Scarpino
Feb-'15 Stephen Hatcher post-poned
Jan-'15 Derek Weidman multi-centre sculptures
Oct-'14 Tom Wirsing Turning Fundamentals
May-'14 Andre Martel End grain turning 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Mar-'14 John Beaver Turning Fundamentals
Dec-'13 Barbara Dill Multi-axis turnings
Nov-'13 Mike Jackofsky Hollowing
May-'13 Jimmy Clewes Turning Fundamentals
Mar-'13 Ashley Harwood Turning Fundamentals
Oct-'12 Merryll Saylan Surface Enhancements
May-'12 Dixie Biggs Carving
Mar-'12 David Belser Wax & Ice Suspension !
Feb-'12 Alan Carter Suspended Vessels and Split Bowl Vessels
Nov-'11 Mark Gardner ...on many things
Sep-'11 Avelino Samuel Fluted vessels
Apr-'11 Denise DeRose Wooden purses for everyone
Mar-'11 John Jordan "Sharpen the damn tool"  Where is the WD 40?
Nov-'10 Doug Fisher Offcentre plaques with Northwest carving
Sep-'10 Graeme Priddle West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Dale Larson West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Mike Hosaluk West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Jason Marlow West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Nick Cook West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Alain Mailland West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Marilyn Campbell West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'10 Art Liestman West Coast Round-Up Symposium
May-'10 Mark Sfirri It was supposed to be a straight bat!
Apr-'10 Malcolm Zander Dry very thin turning
Feb-'10 Christian Burchard Thin wet Madrone burl (we call it Arbutus)
Dec-'09 Dave Schweitzer
Nov-'09 Matthew Hill Faux finishing techniques
Sep-'09 Tania Radda Abstract techniques including comp wood
Feb-'09 Malcolm Tibbetts Segmented turning techniques
Jan-'09 Don Derry Hollow turning
Nov-'08 Johannes Michelsen Thin turning green wood
Oct-'08 Michael Mocho
Jul-'08 Graeme Priddle
May-'08 Todd Hoyer/Hayley Smith Hollow turning crotches and surface enhancement
Feb-'08 Clay Foster Hollowing using split turning technique
Jan-'08 David Nittmann Turning beads and basket illusion
Oct-'07 Binh Pho Thin wall turning and air brush painting
Sep-'07 Dave Schweitzer West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Molly Winton   West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 John Jordan West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Al Stirt West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Betty Scarpino West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Martin Thorne West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Bonnie Klein West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'07 Richard Raffan West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Mar-'07 Nick Cook
Mar-'07 Eli Avisera
Dec-'06 Dale Larson
Oct-'06 Ray Key
Apr-'06 Andre Martel
Mar-'06 Eli Avisera
Feb-'06 Trent Bosch
Nov-'05 Marilyn Campbell
Sep-'05 Russ Fairfield
Jun-'05 Andi Wolfe
May-'05 Stephen Hatcher Inlaying Mineral Crystals
Apr-'05 Ron Gerton Casting Bronze and other Metals
Jan-'05 Cindy Drozda
Sep-'04 Vernon Liebrant West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Joe Fleming West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Michael Werner West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Jacques Vesery West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 David Ellsworth West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Lyle Jamieson West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Don Derry West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Sep-'04 Richard Raffan West Coast Round-Up Symposium
Feb-'04 Jimmy Clewes
Dec-'03 Curt Theobald
Nov-'03 J Paul Fennell
Oct-'03 Phil Brennion
Jun-'03 Graeme Priddle
Mar-'03 Dale Larson Turning Green Bowls
Feb-'03 Jim Christiansen
Dec-'02 Mike Mahoney
May-'02 Michael Hosaluk
Mar-'02 Christian Burchard
Jan-'02 Stuart Batty and classes
Nov-'01 Ernie Newman Hand Chased Threads/Slender Turning/Magic, Science, and woodturning
Sep-'01 Don Derry Christmas Ornaments
Jun-'01 John Liestman Bagpipes
Jun-'01 Russ Fairfield FVWG- Langley
Mar-'01 Stuart Batty
Feb-'01 Clay Foster
Dec-'00 Vern Leibrant Large Bowls
Aug-'00 Melvyn Firmager
Apr-'00 Bonnie Klein Small Turnings

What our own members and friends have shown us - if you have a question on a particular topic, you know who you can ask.

Nov-'18 Larry Steveson Square box
Oct-'18 Robert Carlson Epoxy, wood, and colour
Sep-'18 Mark Anderson Making Spring Flowers
June-'18 Keith Hudson Making a salt box
May-'18 Steve Fairbairn Laser engraving wood
Apr-'18 Ed Pretty Beyond ABC
Mar-'18 Bruce Campbell Turning bamboo
Feb-'18 Mori Kono My journey to wood carving
Jan-'18 Ed Pretty Replication in woodturning
Nov-'17 Art Liestman Cambloux un congress au sommet
Oct-'17 Steve Hansen ways to measures hollow form thickness
Sep-'17 Alan Cusworth How to become a certified demonstrator
Sep-'17 Ed Pretty Tool handles for transport
Jun-'17 Dan Gadassi Marbling on Wood
May-'17 Steve Hansen Turn a face on multi-positional jig
Apr-'17 Allan Cusworth Off centred goblet
Mar-'17 Bruce Campbell Wrestling with deep bowls
Nov-'16 Ed Pretty Spirals. aka barley twists
Oct-'16 David MacDonald Making concert-grade clarinets
Sep-'16 Robert Carlson Lichtenberg Pyrography Safely
Jun-'16 Bruce Campbell Metal Leaf Gilding
May-'16 Claudia Hayward Pepper Mills
Apr-'16 Steve Hansen Finishing hollow form foot without tailstock - no vacuum
Mar-'16 Bill Fowle Putting a picture on Wood
Feb-'16 Bob Askew Nutcracker
Jan-'16 Barry Wilkinson Square Bowls
Nov-'15 Keith Hudson Suspended Vessels
Oct-'15 Gary Burns Chainsaw Maintenance and Grain Orientation
Sep-'15 Jim Johnson Piercing small hollow vessels
Jun-'15 Dennis Cloutier Turning Wooden Spoons
May-'15 Neva Hilliard Making a baby rattle
Apr-'15 Ed Pretty Working without modern chucks
Mar-'15 Marco Berera 1800's style wood piercing
Feb-'15 Claudia Hayward & Ed Pretty What to expect to become a Guild demonstrator
Jan-'15 Larry Stevenson Making spheres without jigs
Nov-'14 Allan Cusworth Making a goblet with captive rings
Oct-'14 Art Liestman Making a teapot... with a twist
Sep-'14 Claudia Hayward Sanding made easy(or at least easier)
Jun-'14 Bruce Campbell Play ball! Turning a baseball bat.
May-'14 Dennis Cloutier Tree to bowl
Apr-'14 Al Koehn pepper mills
Apr-'14 Ed Pretty's Shop John Beaver Circle Jig - workshop
Mar-'14 Ed Pretty replicating spindles
Feb-'14 ?
Jan-'14 ?
Nov-'13 Marco Berera Christmas Ornaments
Oct-'13 Jay Mapson Pens, colouring and finishing
Sep-'13 Art Liestman A wooden stone wall
Jun-'13 Rich Schmid Hollow Log
Mar-'13 Art Liestman A Brief History of Woodturning
Feb-'13 Bruce Campbell Sandblasting
Jan-'13 John Spitters Finials
Oct-'12 Larry Stevenson Wood Finishing - Spraying
Sep-'12 Kerry Deane-Cloutier & Ed Pretty & David Wagner Wood Finishing - Wipe-on Poly & Graphite
Jun-'12 Claudia Hayward, Kees Hof, Bruce Campbell Wood Finishing - Oils
May-'12 Art Liestman Lost Wood Process
May-'12 Dennis Houle Shop-made Articulating Hollowing Rig
Apr-'12 Robert Carlson Thread Cutting
Mar-'12 Bill Cobb Turning Elipses
Feb-'12 Peter McClaren Angled Chucks-a.k.a. Vacuum Turning with a List
Jan-'12 Bruce Campbell Gouges - everything about them
Nov-'11 Jim Johnson Options for hollowing
Oct-'11 John Nelson Wood Structure
Sep-'11 Dennis Shinn Metal Spinning
Jun-'11 Campbell, Cloutier,Graham, Mclaren, Pretty Various topics from member survey
May-'11 Marco Berera Turning a Wooden Canteen
Apr-'11 Murray Sluys Staved construction snare drum
Mar-'11 Bruce Campbell "Yes, But I have no Talent"
Feb-'11 Bruce Hodgson Natural Edge Bowls
Jan-'11 Larry Stevenson Vacuum chucks - everything
Nov-'10 Kerry Deane-Cloutier Thin (very thin) bowl turning
Oct-'10 David Wagner Guitar Hollow Form
Sep-'10 Art Liestman Teapots
Jun-'10 Bill Fowle Photographing your work
May-'10 Dennis Cloutier Salt Shakers
Apr-'10 Martin Meerman Micro Turning
Mar-'10 Marco Berera Ring turning - Maple Leaves to Cows
Feb-'10 Peter McLaren Study of Cubes - Winged knuckle busters
Jan-'10 Larry Stevenson  Colouring - mettalics
Oct-'09 Allan Cusworth Plates and Platters
Sep-'09 Marco Berera Turning a moody penguin
Jun-'09 Neil Elmer Tuning Up Your Bandsaw
May-'09 Larry Stevenson/Ludger Paus Turning a Rectangular Box
May-'09 Ed Pretty Turning Alabaster Vessels
Apr-'09 Ken Ayers Polishing and Finishing
Mar-'09 David Wagner Texturing
Mar-'09 Larry White Finishing
Feb-'09 Bruce Campbell Sharpening Woodturning Tools
Jan-'09 David Sweet Sanity From Shavings - How Cutting Helps Me Cope
Jan-'09 Bruce Hodgson Cutting / Carving Board
Nov-'08 Pot Luck Dinner and Auction
Oct-'08 Ross Pilgrim Overview of Segmented Turning
Oct-'08 Jim Johnson Turning a Birdhouse
Sep-'08 Mitchell Visser Pen Turning
Jun-'08 John Weir/Harry Taylor Rose Engine Turning
May-'08 Ed Pretty Fire and Safety Concerns
May-'08 Peter McLaren Handled Dish
Apr-'08 Bruce Campbell Turning a Finial Box
Mar-'08 Alan Cusworth Wedding Goblets
Mar-'08 Bill Olsen Turning with a Copier
Feb-'08 Art Liestman Designing Stuff and Challenging Yourself
Jan-'08 Marco Berera Lattice Turning
Jan-'08 Steve Hansen Quick and Easy Finishes
Nov-'07 Bob Doop Turning Branches
Oct-'07 Rich Schmid Enhancing Your Turnings
Oct-'07 Bruce Campbell Chasing Threads
Sep-'07 Dennis Cloutier Barrel Turned Pepper Mills
Jun-'07 Alan Leland Turning Balls,
May-'07 Gregg Parsons Making Tools- A Lesson In Steels and Hardening
Apr-'07 Marco Berera Fresh Fish From The Lathe
Mar-'07 Bruce Campbell Metal Turning
Mar-'07 Lance Rossington Turning a Bracelet
Feb-'07 Dave Martin Photographing Your Work
Jan-'07 Art Liestman Pyrography
Jan-'07 Bill Smith Barley Twist Goblet
Nov-'06 Merv Graham Winged Bowls
Oct-'06 Don Hoskins Defying Gravity Turning
Sep-'06 David Wagner Turning Small Hollow Forms
Jun-'06 Ann Rostvig Enhancing Your Turnings with Paint
Jun-'06 Al Koehn Salt and Pepper Shakers
May-'06 Claudia Hayward Using a Bowl Saver
Apr-'06 Kerry Deane-Cloutier Suction Fit Boxes
Apr-'06 Dave Martin Dust Collection for Woodturners
Mar-'06 Bob James Bowl Turning
Feb-'06 Panel of Woodturners Exploring Grain Orientation and Design Options
Jan-'06 Scott Belway Spindle Turning
Nov-'05 Bruce Campbell Duplicate Turning with a Duplicator
Nov-'05 Sandy Howkins Tree and Wood Identification
Oct-'05 Larry Stevenson/Steve Hansen Making Your Own Tools from Stuff
Sep-'05 Ross Pilgrim Rings and Things -Overview of Segmented Turning
Jun-'05 Rich Schmid Turning a Natural Edge Bowl
May-'05 Laura Fresan Marketing Your Work
May-'05 Larry Stevenson Vacuum Chucking
Apr-'05 Gary Miller Ornamental Turning
Mar-'05 Steve Hansen Hollowing and Hollow Forms
Mar-'05 Larry Stevenson Two Piece Hollow Form for Beginners
Feb-'05 Marco Berera Making and Using Small Tools
Jan-'05 Christina Clarke Colour
Jan-'05 Art Liestman Creative Process
Nov-'04 Stan Freeman Overview of Air Brushing
Oct-'04 Larry, Marco, Ross P Panel Discussion
Sep-'04 Lewis Kennett Insight into Pottery Techniques
Jun-'04 Larry Stevenson Spray Finishes and Equipment
May-'04 Ross Pilgrim Wristwatch Wall Clock
Apr-'04 Rich Schmid Side Grain Hollow Form
Mar-'04 Dave Warren Stihl Canada/ John Fraser Valley Equipment Chainsaw Safety and Discussion
Feb-'04 Colin Delory Open Segmented Turnings
Jan-'04 Bruce Campbell
Nov-'03 Vijay Narayan - Mohawk Finishing Discussion on Finishing Products
Oct-'03 Marco Berera Lattice Lidded Box
Sep-'03 Steve Hansen Shop Tips and Tricks
Jun-'03 Michael Werner NWWW Offset Turning
May-'03 Phil Laliberte Turning Soapstone
Apr-'03 Sharka Leigh/ Art Liestman Finishing Wood with paint medium and dye
Mar-'03 Jack Wayne - AAW Seattle Square Winged Bowls
Feb-'03 Les Jovsa - Fornitek Canada Wood Structure and Growth
Jan-'03 John Bese Bowls can have Handles
Nov-'02 John B, Rich S, Steve H, Marco B. Christmas Gift Turning
Oct-'02 Len Sawyer Carving Techniques in Woodturning
Sep-'02 Roger Clapham Applying Beeswax finish to your wood pieces
Jun-'02 Bruce Campbell Threaded Boxes
May-'02 Gerrit Van Ness Offset Turning and Dyeing-Funky Tea Pot
Apr-'02 Stuart Duncan Laser Engraving
Mar-'02 Art Liestman Bottoms, Tops, and In Betweens
Feb-'02 Ron Grant Segmented and Inlaid Bowls
Jan-'02 Art Liestman Turning a Vessel, carving and dyeing
Dec-'01 Brian Delora's Studio outting on Gold Leafing
Nov-'01 John B, Rich S, Steve H, Marco B. Christmas Gift Turning
Oct-'01 Keith Greffe Segmented Plates- Cyma Curve Technique
Sep-'01 John Elliot - Woodcut Tools Bowl Coring Tool
Jun-'01 Neno Catania Natural Edge Bowls
May-'01 Doug Black Turning Small Items for Sale
Apr-'01 Robert Prinse/Bill Headridge Local Woods
Mar-'01 Martin Thorne Balls and Boxes
Feb-'01 Scott Belway Scraping a Bowl
Jan-'01 Cornelius Regehr Finishes
Nov-'00 Marco,Rich,John Bese,Ed Pretty Turning Christmas Ornaments
Oct-'00 Ross Pilgrim Turning a Watch
Sep-'00 Fred Holder Chinese Balls
Jun-'00 Steve Hansen Making Tools
May-'00 Bill Smith - NWWW Barley Twist Goblet
Apr-'00 Bob Gadd - KMS Latest Tools and Products
Mar-'00 Colin Delory Segmented Bowls
Feb-'00 Kathy Somerville - Lee Valley Pen Turning
Jan-'00 Derek Luder - Windsor Plywood Wood Identification
Nov-'99 Rich Schmid Turned Christmas Ornaments
Oct-'99 John Bese Spindle Handled Bowls
Sep-'99 Bruce Campbell Taming the Skew