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Hand-outs & contributions from our demonstrators:

Bob Askew: Making a Nutcracker

Bruce Campbell: Allowable Import List of Woods(2006)

Marilyn Campbell: Bandsaw Inlays, Easy Inlay, Epoxy Guidelines

Robert Carlson: Threading in wood, Thread turning jig

Nick Cook: Twenty Ways not to turn a bowl

Colin Delory: Open Segmented Woodturning

Don Derry: Duplicator

Denise DeRose: Sources/Supplies, Canteen Bag, Handled Clamshell, Treasure Chest

Cindy Drozda: Banksia Pod, Boxes, Finial Box, Triangle Box1, Triangle Box2, Suppliers

Kathleen Duncan: Piercing

Doug Fisher: Surface Enhancements, Vacuum Chucking

Dave Martin: Dust Collection

Ed Pretty: Beyond the ABCs - anchor/bevel/cut - forwards to Ed's website

Mark Sfirri: Food Safe Finish, Suppliers, Rolling Pin, Candle Stick, Multi-axis, Baseball Bat, Pad Foot, Tool Profiles

Malcolm Zander: Form & Design / Thin-walled & Pierced

GVWG Administration:

Membership Application

Constitution and Bylaws

Event Request Application - Guidelines

Award for Outstanding Contribution

Service Award

DEMONSTRATING: Members of the GVWG who demonstrate at Guild sponsored events need to be approved by the Guild. The following is the process and criteria for a member to become approved. The need for assessment is strictly one of safety - to operate a lathe in such a manner as to not endanger any spectators.

. Guild Member Safety Review / Evaluation

. Certified Assessors

. Checklist for public demonstration

GVWG not Administration:

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Border Importation Form (Transporting goods to The United States)

Wood toxicity

Video and Book Library - for loan

Lathe Safety

Lathe & Shop Safety by Geoff Whaling

Fire safety in the shop OR... Smokey the Bear meets Red Green

Fire safety for woodturners  

Spontaneous combustion

Stay healthy - dust collection for woodturners

Worksafe BC: Chainsaw safety

BC Tree Book