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10 minutes help wanted re Trend Airshield Pro headband replacement. I installed the Craft Supplies USA sturdier replacement for the original headband, which was prone to break. Unfortunately, due to replacement operator error, the loops on the skull cap are inhibiting the visor from lowering completely. If someone has an Airshield Pro that I compare to mine and spot the problem, at their convenience, I’d be really grateful. Easiest to contact me initially via email pdm.mackinnon@gmail.com - posted (11/11/2019)


For sale: Laguna 2HP cyclone dust collector, 220V 1 Phase, 20 Amp, 1600 CFM, 30 Gals drum - $1100. If you are interested please contact Annie Préfontaine at 604-724-0529 or email to violon29@hotmail.com - posted (22/10/2018)


No requests outstanding.
Nothing for the right price is up for grabs.



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