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NIOSH  N95 - dust - particulate filter - standards
3MFace shield with powered respirator
Trend Face shield with powered respirator
Pekesafety Face shield with powered respirator
SunstromFace shield with powered respirator
Triton Face shield with powered respirator
Bill Pentz - research Study in managing dust control
Chicago Metal Rolled Products Calculators for airflow / ducting
Busy Bee Tools Dust collection / turning tools
Clear Vue Cyclones Dust collection
Oneida Air Systems Dust collection
Uline Safety Gear
forums ⁄ community ⁄ galleries
Craft Supplies forum / tips / instruction
Woodturners Resource forum / tips / lots
AAW Gallery of Wood Art gallery of the AAW
The Wood Turning Center  gallery of fine turnings
Wood Central  Forum
Society of Ornamental Turners  The goto place for ornamental turning
Sounding Bowls - stringed instruments  stringed instruments from turnings
Segmented Woodturners woodturners that make segmented turnings
wood suppliers – local
P & D Taylor Industries wood, burls, figured denitay1@gmail.com 604 466-0955
Bow River Wood to Works wood - Chilliwack
Andy's Woodbarn wood - Abbotsford
KMS Tools wood
Western Acoustic Timbers  Rosedale, Contact: Romeo, 604-701-2356
Alba Tree Service wood, burls, figured, 604-760-4205
wood suppliers – mail order
finishing, artist supplies
Mohawk Finishing Products - Vancouver  comprehensive supply of finishing products
Opus  Art supplies
Art Ryan  Art supplies
Mountain Gems - Burnaby  jeweler supplies
Rio Grande  jeweler supplies
Thunderbird Supply  jeweler supplies
Air Brushing Woodpaints, finishes, airbrush
Chroma Craftpaints, finishes, casting, airbrush
Deserres art supplies
Kroma Acrylics  paints
Tandy Leather  artist colours
Woodslee Summercraft  finishing supplies
tools / accessories / supplies
KMS Tools  safety / lathes / bandsaws / sharpening /adhesives / tools / wood / odourless CA
Woodworker Specialties  carving / turning tools / accessories
Lee Valley Tools  safety / lathes / bandsaws / sharpening /adhesives / finishing / tools
Canadian Woodworker  lathes / tools / carving / bandsaws
Wood to Works  lathes / bandsaws / sharpening /adhesives / finishing / tools
Abrasive Ideas International abrasives, large inventory of unlisted overstock
Action Bearing  bearings / motors / controllers - Richmond
Advanced Lathe Toolsturning tools / hollowing / boring bars / accessories / instruction
Alisam Engineering  index / sharpening
AZ Carbide  carbide cutters / tooling
Axminsterlathes / turning tools / dust extraction
B & B Bearing - Surrey  bearings / motors / controllers
Beall Tools  finishing / accessories / polishing / wax
Best Wood Tools  chucking / spur drives / threading
Branches To Bowls  lathes / turning tools / safety / chucking
BubostylLongworth chuck - adjustable device for holding bowls
Black Forest  bandsaws / lathes / dust control
Carbide Depot  carbide cutters / tooling
Chipping Away  Carving supplies
Craft Supplies  full range of turning equipment and supplies
Cratex  rubberized abrasive wheels
Detail Master   pyrography
D-Way Toolsturning chisels / CBN grinding / hollowing / gouges / scrapers
Federated Tools - Ontario  safety / lathes / bandsaws / shop tools
Foredomflex shaft tools, micromotors, burrs, bits   buffs, handpieces, lathes, dust collection, accessories
Freud Tools  general shop tools
Good 2 Go Co  Tormek sharpening / honing / hone
Glue Gun  hot melt adhesive
Greenbarn Potters Supply  project parts
Gregg Industrial Supplies  parts supplies
Hunter Tool Systemsturning tools / hollowing / gouges / accessories / instruction videos / tooling / carbide
ISCAR  carbide cutters / tooling / manufacturer
John Jordan WoodturningRobust lathes / turning tools / hollowing / gouges / sharpening / accessories
Kelton Industries  Turning tools / hollowing / accessories
Kroma Acrylics  paints
Kutsallburrs, rasps, PPE
Lees Electronics  electronic parts
Lyle Jamieson WoodturningRobust lathes / turning tools / hollowing / gouges / sharpening / accessories / instruction videos
Main Electronics  electronic parts
Master Carverburrs, pyrography, power carving, hand carving, dust extraction
Metal Mart  steel / aluminum
Metal Supermarket  steel / aluminum / drill rod / alloys
Thompson Metals  steel / tool steel / drill rod / alloys
MDI Woodcarvers Supply  carving / pyrography / abrasives /safety
Micro-Markburrs, pyrography, power carving, dust extraction, small tool specialist
Mirka Abrasives  abrasives / general tools
Motion Industries - Burnaby  bearings / motors / controllers
Pacific Fasteners  bolts / nuts / fasteners
Pacific Bolt  large bolts / nuts / fasteners
Well's Fasteners  bolts / nuts / fasteners
Packard Woodworks  wide range of tools and supplies
Polar Battery  battery replacement
Quality Saw  Knife  Bandsaw blade sharpening
RP Electronics  electronic parts
Raider Hansen  shop tools / safety
Razertip  pyrography / power carving / burrs / airbrush / paint
Robert Sorby  turning tools / accessories
Rocky Mountain  extruded aluminum
Rubber Chucky  holding accessories
Saburr Tooth  carving burrs
Skookum Tools  safety / bandsaws / abrasives
Sopers Supply  motors / controllers
Stockroom Supply - Ontario  Tools / shop supplies
Summit Tools  general selection of tools
Supergrit   abrasives / finishing
Thompson Lathe Toolsturning tools / gouges / scrapers / skews
Trent Bosch Toolslathes / turning tools / hollowing / accessories / visualizer / power carving / sand blasting
TurningWood.Com  turning tools / lathes / accessories
Vince's Wood and Wonders  abrasives / sharpening / turning tools
william wood-rite  pen turning supplies
Woodchuckers  full range of turning equipment and supplies
Woodcraft USA  full range of turning equipment and supplies
Woodpeckers  carving / turning tools / abrasives
Woodturners Catalogue   full range of turning equipment and supplies
Woodturning Wonders   full range of turning equipment and supplies
Woodworkers Emporiumlathes / turning tools / dust extraction / full range of turning tools   supplies
Working Silver  burrs, files, powered tools - New Westminster
Wood Database  catalog of wood species and properties
Tree Crotches / Forks  anatomy of a tree crotch
Forest Products Innovation  Recognised as a world leader in forest product research
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory  forest product research
JANKA  wood hardness scale
Craft Supplies  analysis of tool steel
Abrasives / Sandpaper / Grits   explanation of abrasive grits - standards
Botanical Dermatology   exhaustive catalog of the plant kingdom
Tree Book (BC)  Excellent reference for trees native to the Pacific region
Allowable Wood Species Imports List   avoid getting red flagged
Hagen's of Blaine mailbox service  Receive US goods in Blaine
Pacific Mail and Parcel mailbox service  Receive US goods in Blaine
TSB Trans Border Shipping  Receive US goods in Point Roberts
design ⁄ critique ⁄ DIY
Open Shot  computer video editor
Block Layer  computer graphic design tool
Photography for Woodturners - Ed Kelle  photographing your work
Photography at the lathe - Bob Hawks  photographing your work
Little Machine Shop  Metal machining tools
Carbide Creat   computer graphic design tool
Incompetech  computer graphic design layout
Inkscape   computer graphic design layout
Silhouette design tool   computer graphic design tool
Sketchup  computer graphic design tool
thingiverse  3D printer files
Stuart Batty Fundamentals  outstanding library of turning instruction - recommended
Focus on Fundamentals  a framework for instruction, courtesy of Artisans Workbench
Miss Mustard Seed  paints / oil
Milk Paint  paints / oil / how to tutorials / videos
Joe Landon  general woodworking site with a huge blog
Calabash bowl  geometry of a calabash
pewa, butterfly, bow tie  how to make a butterfly joint
Sharpening bandsaw blade  sharpen carbide tipped band saw blade
Band saw blade setup with Alex Snodgrass  setup your bandsaw blade
Brazing your blades at home  soder a bandsaw blade - PDF
Brazing your blades at home  solder a bandsaw blade - video
Practical advice   on band saws
Grinds   various grinds on the gouge
Joe Woodworker   comprehensive discourse on veneers
Stabilizing wood using soap   Stabilize wood with soap - Ron Kent
Youtube Micromotor  repair bearings on micromotor
lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Oneway  lathes
Nova  lathes
Harvey  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Jet  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Laguna  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Ligno  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Magma Titan   lathes ⁄ bandsaws
OmegaStubby lathe / vacuum chucking
Powermatic  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Rikon  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Rivolver (CWI Industries)  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Robust  lathes
Vicmarc  lathes
Craftex  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Grizzly  lathes ⁄ bandsaws
Ultimate Tools  local retailer of fine tools
MiniMax  bandsaws
Lenox Woodmaster blades  carbide bandsaw blades
Technical Documents  bandsaw blades
Wood Slicer from Highland Woodworking bandsaw jigs & wide variety of woodturning related stuff


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