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   Welcome to the GVWG !

As a member of the GVWG you will find lots of events and activities to support your hobby. The Guild has members with a wide range of abilities and interests who are happy to share their woodturning experiences and assist you in your endeavours. All guests are welcome and encouraged to check us out - no invitation is required. The GVWG is a volunteer group and is only as strong and productive as its members. Happy turning !

Please note, starting January 2017 regular club meetings SWITCH to Thursday, the forth one of each month.

Straight talk about wood finishing - Michael Dresdner

Guiseppe Penone:




Lee Jae Hyo:


Fascinating insight into trees communicating with each other:


Tool steels - you get what you pay for:




Calendar 2017

Sep 28 Thur Regular Club Meeting at Sapperton Hall

Oct 14/15 Sat/Sun - Neil Turner visits the GVWG!


Oct 26 Thur Regular Club Meeting at Sapperton Hall

Nov 23 Thur Regular Club Meeting at Sapperton Hall

Steve Hansen - Woodturning on Netflix, or how to hollow a form and watch television at the same time.

Calendar 2018

Feb 3/4 Sat/Sun - Sally Ault visits the GVWG!


Apr 7/8 Sat/Sun - Glenn Lucas visits the GVWG!


May 26/27 Sat/Sun - Steven Kennard visits the GVWG!