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   Welcome to the GVWG !
As a member of the GVWG you will find lots of events and activities to support your hobby. The Guild has members with a wide range of abilities and interests who are happy to share their woodturning experiences and assist you in your endeavours. All guests are welcome and encouraged to check us out - no invitation is required. The GVWG is a volunteer group and is as strong and productive as its members. Happy turning !

Calendar 2018

Oct 25 Thurs Club Meeting:
Robert Carlson – Maine event: Colour, Epoxy, and Wood
Steve Hansen - FoF: tune up the lathe.
Presidents Challenge - Eccentric or multi-axis turning
Nov 22 Thurs Club Meeting:
Main event program to be announced
Peter McLaren - FoF: managing inherited wood.
Dec 8/9/10 Sat/Sun/Mon - Joe Fleming - Air Brushing Wood!
Saturday - Demo at Sapperton Hall
Sunday/Monday - 2 Day Class at KMS Woodshop


Calendar 2019

Jan 24 Thurs Club Meeting - program to be announced!
Feb 2/3 Sat/Sun - Art Liestman - Lost Wood Technique.

Feb 28 Thurs Club Meeting - program to be announced.
Apr 13/14 Sat/Sun - Sharon Doughtie visits the GVWG!



World Wood Day - Collaborative Roots


Steven Kennard - Life's Work!

Tetra Society - Workshop

Volunteers offering classes for anyone with a disability!

Maarten Meerman: Downsizing

Stuart Batty: videos (Keystone Woodturners photo)


John Grade, "Middle Fork", Mad Art - Seattle.


Recall Alert - 2.7 million Kidde Fire extinguishers defective


Search the Victoria & Albert Museum and find cool stuff:


Improvisations on the theme of an Irish Wall: